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Inspiration for our surroundings, our living space, passion for how we live. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in achieving the best results for our products. We have specialized in LED lighting, mainly the use of the most modern, efficient, and greenest sources of light. LED lighting is the Light source of the future.


was founded in Hong Kong on the 16th of-Nov 2007.

We continually pursue to improve people’s living space. Converting good ideas into innovative designs that are simple, innovative, sustainable, and significantly new. This method leads to the creation of better products. This helps to create a better environment that inspires and enhances the quality of life.
In our opinion, It is the core values of a company that make it a future leader in its field.

LED Lighting


Think light-emitting diodes “LED’s” will soon light our homes and everyday living spaces. Because there LED Lightingcapability to efficient, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and innovative new and traditional applications of light. LED lighting even now illuminates famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, and much more around the world.
The structure of the LED light is completely unlike that of the bulb. Amazingly, the LED has a simple and robust structure. Its form allows it to versatile, allowing for assembly into many different applications. The light-emitting semiconductor material is what defines the admitted LED’s color.
An LED is a diode. It’s a device that permits electric current to flow in only one direction. Once electricity is passed through the diode the atoms in one material inside the semiconductor chip are excited to a higher energy level. The atoms in that first material have too large amounts of energy and need to release that energy. The energy is then released as the atoms shed electrons to the other material within the chip. During this energy release light is produced. The color of the light from the LED is a function of the materials and that makes up the chip.