LED Lamps and LED Lights Knowledge

Compared with the energy-saving LED lights with common used Lights

Energy-saving lamps shortcomings
1, the production process and discarded after use of mercury contamination, mercury pollution in Western countries at present

Compare – LED to other

is considerable attention. More and more people recognize the dangers of mercury pollution.
2, because it is glass, easily broken, poor transport, poor installation.
3, the large power
4, there is a flicker, a relatively strong electromagnetic radiation pollution.
5, easy to damage, short life, energy-saving does not save money.

Advantages of LED Lamps or LED lights

Compare – LED to other

1, energy-saving white LED incandescent lamp 1 / 8, energy-saving lamp 1 /2.
2, longevity, life expectancy up to 100,000 hours, for ordinary home lighting can be described as ” once and for all .”
3, you can work at high speed, energy-saving if you frequently start off quickly broken filament will be black.
4, solid package, are cold-light source type. So it is very easy to transport and install, can be installed in any micro-and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, without regard to heat dissipation. 5, there is no flicker, no electromagnetic radiation pollution.
6, LED technology is the rapid progress, its luminous efficiency is an astounding breakthrough, prices continue to decrease. The white LED era is rapidly coming into the home.

LED lamps and LED lights to need to pay attention

Since the white LED has focused on the advantages of being more and more into people’s daily lives the family, its usage has also undergone tremendous changes. It is a new device, in particular, their use characteristics.
White LED‘s are voltage -sensitive devices, each LED lights when operating current should not exceed 20mA, over many LED can easily be burned. LED if properly used, its life will be very long.
LED optoelectronic semiconductor device during assembly damaged by static electricity easily. This requires static protection during assembly. LED is 20mA of the current limit, but often in use due to various reasons caused the current increases in the actual work, if protective measures are not taken, this increases the current exceeds a certain time and amplitude LED on to be damaged.

LED lamps and lights have been able to receive worldwide recognition because it has the following advantages :

( 1 ) is compared with the traditional lighting , LED lamps or lights prices although much more expensive than conventional lighting, but from a long-term perspective , LED lights both large degree of conservation of energy.
( 2 ) LED lamps and light -emitting rate is very high , can reach 801m / w, a wide range of illumination .
(3) LED lights are energy-efficient green energy , in line with global targets . Use LED lights can reduce hazards and environmental pollution on the human body , but also can reduce the energy consumption of the circuit .
(4) LED light color variety, you can choose different colors according to their own preferences, and gentle colors, does not irritate the eyes.
(5) LED voltage is not affected by the number of countries in the world , no country can use , but does not affect its brightness and life.
(6) LED lights do not light types of radiation and infrared radiation , very resistant to shock , seismic capacity is also very strong , causing little harm to the human body .
(7) LED Lamps will not work with fully DC strobe phenomenon , as opposed to traditional incandescent , the less impact on our vision . .
( 8 ) interior design LED lamps rather unique shade and lens is used in the form of integrated design , with the protection and condenser
(9) LED lights no mercury and other harmful substances, environmental protection and human health have great protection.

What are the benefits of LED eyes?
( 1 ) No flash: traditional power is using the AC, so it is easy to form strobe. The strobe will regulate the human eye is an organ of the state of tension, causing visual fatigue, which is one of the causes of myopia. But LED lights that flicker has broken, relieve your eye fatigue.
( 2 ) No glare: glare severe irritation of the ciliary muscle, retina, causing the spasm, great harm to the human eye. The LED lights promise to you, no glare.
( 3 ) No infrared and ultraviolet: UV would cause damage to the eye lens and retina, resulting in vision loss, and even cataract leading to blindness. On human skin has a lot of damage. The LED light is effective to avoid the hazards of ultraviolet and infrared.