LED Lights

Introduction of LED lights


1, LED lighting products in 1879 with the advent of carbon filament incandescent lamps, lighting technology has been rapid development. Fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, high/low-pressure sodium, metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, high-frequency and microwave electrodeless fluorescent lamps, and other new sources of sulfur endless. To many people’s lives convenient places, but from the date of the invention of the incandescent lamp, you always had a lot of flaws. Tungsten heating power consumption, light bulbs fragile, and very easy to make an electric shock. Although energy-saving fluorescent light than incandescent, because of its material composition containing mercury, a great impact on human health. Lead to a qualitative change in real lighting technology is LED. Conventional LED lighting products are very different in structure and materials. It is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light semiconductor light emission through the upper and lower electrodes and the intermediate conductive material fitted. And the color of the light changes according to the different material properties.

2, LED cold light source are all solid, as opposed to the traditional incandescent lamp, the smaller, lighter, more robust structure, low voltage, and long service life. The optical efficiency definition, LED luminous efficiency is not high, but because of its almost concentrated in the visible light spectrum, the efficiency can reach 80% to 90%. The visible efficiency equivalent incandescent light efficiency is only 10 % to 20%, single LED power is generally 0.05 ~ 1W, to meet different needs. LED as a new non-polluting energy source, is sure to be recognized around the world.

Specializing in LED lighting

ForTrade Ltd was founded in Hong Kong, specializing in the development of LED lighting applications, production sales, and service of high-tech enterprises. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the “energy-saving, environmentally friendly, innovative ideas” for the purpose. Seven years has been engaged in the LED lighting business at home and abroad, and has made many consumers love. Our company sells LED types are: commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting, and traffic lighting. The main products include LED Bulbs, LED Corn Light, LED candle lamp series, LED spotlight series, LED COB lamp series, LED panel light series, LED lamp series, LED COB lamp, LED flood light series, LED Down Light series, and LED lights series. Indoor lighting products mainly based, widely used in hotels, Offices.