About Us by Toby Rosenthal

For Trade mission is to Make high quality LED Lighting. To be at the forefront of good design. Best functionality. From the best materials for the job. LED is the most advanced Lighting system of today. and for the foreseeable future.

Toby Rosenthal

by Toby Rosenthal
Director of For Trade

The best possible for and still affordable.  Just the best Design is good enough for the right use. We believe only Good Design, best quality and environmentally friendly standards are nowadays enough. We want to be proud of what we make.This is not just words, our company mission. It’s  a reason to fight for. If you choose our products or want us to produce for you, then you can rely that his is the standard will abide by.

You have a plan, so we have the ability to make it reality. We have learned how to deal Chinese production, we ready to implement. (example iPhone is also made in China)

For Trade is a German owned operation founded in Hong Kong.

Why in China? Lets be honest!

Work force: Skilled work force and not some other countries have just as little labor costs, but China has huge work force.

Flexibility: Chinese manufacturing and personnel adjust fast to changes in manufacturing. Mostly because of the sheer volume of available workforce.

China’s rapidly growing domestic market: sourcing of materials and components is much faster and competitive.

Experience and specialization: Few other countries can offer this volume of skilled work force.

Upcoming markets: China’s economic growth indicates that the future market is.

Infrastructure, supply chains, engineering and design talent at low cost and high value.

by Toby Rosenthal